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Recent 2008 NAC presentations

NAC Director Dr. Trybula and Professor Dominick Fazarro of Sam Houston State University addressed the importance of nanotechnology education, especially NANO-SAFETY education, in a recent NAIT Conference [November 21, 2008]. Their presentation, "Developing a need for nanosafety: Presenting the Unknowns", focused on the importance of developing the workforce that is required for supporting the developing nanotechnology manufacturing requirements. A PDF version of the presentation is available here [LARGE 31.3MB file size].

NAC Director presented an overview of technology and business considerations at the Workshop sponsored by the Belgium Trade Commission in Houston [October 17]. The focus of the Workshop was "Promoting Advanced Materials Across the Atlantic." The NAC presentation was titled: "Advantages of International Partnerships in Establishing Nanotechnology." Dr. Trybula provided an overview of some of the challenges in developing operations in international locations and provided some of the benefits to the local communities in encouraging emerging technology companies. He also provided an overview of the effort that was undertaken in Texas to ensure storng encouragement of commercialization of products from emerging companies. A PDF version of the presentation is available here [3.67MB file size].

NAC sponsored a booth during the October 2 & 3, NanoTxUSA'08 conference exhibit in Dallas. The NAC Director also chaired a panel on "NANO-SAFETY and Risk Management". The details of the panel including the names of the panel members are available on the linked page here, which was published by AZoNano.

NAC Member Company, Nanotailor, in the news.

Carbon Nanotubes

Nanotailor's presence at NanoTxUSA'08

Nanotailor CEO, Ramon Pereles, announced that the company was participating in NanoTxUSA in Dallas.

TECHNOLOGY DAY scheduled for Spring 2009


NAC announced the scheduling of a TECHNOLOGY DAY in early Spring 2009. The meeting, which will be held in the new San Marcos Convention Center, will bring together researchers, emerging technology companies, and interested community members from Central Texas and beyond. The focus of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for researchers and companies to explore their areas of common interest and to showcase the technology capabilities of the region.

San Marcos is located in the growing technology corridor that runs from Austin to San Antonio. More details will be published in December 2008.

Other 2008 NAC presentations

NAC Director presented a review of current Texas State University-San Marcos nanotechnology related activities at the TiiMS Annual Review and Workshop held at College Station in August 2008. TiiMS is the Texas Institute for Intelligent Bio-Nano Materials and Structures for Aerospace Vehicles. TiiMS is a NASA University Research, Engineering, and Technology Institute. A PDF version of the presentation is available here [4.67MB file size].

NAC Director provided the keynote presentation at the 2008 IEEE HIVE Wireless Conference, which was held in Austin, Texas. The presentation, which addressed some ideas about the convegence of wireless and nanotechnology. With the emergence of unconnected devices needing to communciate among each other and with central infomation sources, the need to accelerate the development of the HIVE Wireless implementations is becoming more urgent. A PDF version of the presentation is available here [6.7MB file size].

NAC Member Company received ETF Award

CENTRAL TEXAS DIGEST - Austin American Statesman

Austin startup gets Emerging Technology Fund grant

Friday, April 04, 2008


Chip-testing startup nets grant for Xitronix

Xitronix Corp. has won a $500,000 grant from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund to develop an advanced semiconductor testing technology.

The year-and-a-half-old Austin startup uses a technology called photo-reflectance to quickly identify whether wafers being processed inside a chip factory are defective.

The company says its technology can save chip manufacturers time and money by finding and fixing process problems more rapidly.

Xitronix is partnering with the Austin Technology Incubator, the Nanomaterials Application Center at Texas State University and the Sematech research consortium in its technology and business development.

The company already has received $500,000 from private investors, and will use the state grant to accelerate commercialization of its system for chip factories that process 12-inch silicon wafers.

NAC and nanoTox, Inc., participate in GHP Meeting

The Nanomaterials Application Center [NAC] of Texas State University-San Marcos and nanoTox, Inc., of Houston and a NAC member company participated in the Greater Houston Partnership "State of the Senate" meeting on March 18, 2008 at the InterContinental Hotel. The meeting featured U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as the luncheon speaker. The meeting was attended by well over 400 representatives of industry, academia, and foreign consulates.

The exhibit space, restricted to 10 organizations, provided an opportunity to provide information on the NANO-SAFETY program and the commercialization efforts with industry that NAC is driving. The NANO-SAFETY program is directed at creating both a safe environment as well as training future workers for the nanotechnology. The commercialization efforts are focused on bringing researchers together with industry needs to expedite the development of commercial products.

When asked about the use of all capitals in NANO-SAFETY, Dr. Trybula responded "The reason we employ all capital letters if to emphasize that there is nothing small about the safety requirements of nanotechnology." Please contact Walt Trybula for additional information about the specific efforts underway at NAC.

NAC Announces Collaboration with CCTech

The Nanomaterials Application Center [NAC] of Texas State University-San Marcos and Composite Ceramic Technologies, LLC [CCTech] of Austin announced a collaborative effort expediting the commercialization of CCTech's advanced ceramic composites. .

NAC Director Walt Trybula explained, "This technology incorporates passive components into electronic assemblies in a manner that is similar to the developments that created the integrated circuit. The overall potential for lower cost, higher reliability circuitry will benefit the end consumer and change the manufacturing dynamics in favor of the better educated workforce.

"The US microelectronics industry has been steadily losing high-value manufacturing and design jobs to lower cost labor markets overseas," he said. "The development of this materials integration technology, which requires a well educated workforce, will enable high value manufacturing to return."

Download PDF of press releases at: CCTech Press Release January 28, 2008.

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